Kim Love

web designer

Hi there,

Welcome to this hastily prepared site which will have to do for the time being due to several recent real life events including parenthood and buying a house (aka the usual grown up stuff).

There isn’t a massive amount to see, but I’ll cobble a few words together — if you’d prefer to make a swift exit I’ve found a cute cat video to ease the guilt.

About Me

I’m a 37 year old(!) web designer who lives in Manchester with my fabulous wife and our amazing daughter.

I grew up in Oxfordshire and apart from a two year stint in London during my twenties I’ve mostly lived up north after graduating from Bradford University in 1999.


I work at an e-commerce company called EXPANSYS as a Web Designer. We sell stuff like Smartphones, Tablet PCs and other technology based products around the world — we have around 50 websites in 20+ local languages which keeps us pretty busy.

While we’re not working on our own stuff, we also like to partner with other companies and help them with their e-commerce sites; here are a few of the people we’ve worked with recently:

  • HTC logo
  • Orange logo
  • Samsung logo
  • Huawei logo
  • Motorola logo
  • Microsoft logo

Also over the years I’ve worked with the following companies and brands:

Parrot, Krusell, Aiptek, Vodafone, Levis, Gigabyte, Dicota, Memory Map, Otterbox, Truphone, BlueAnt Wireless, Shell, First Drinks, Petits Filous, Yoplait, Umbongo, Marconi, GallifordTry plus many other smaller clients across a diverse range of projects.

Contact / Social

Feel free to get in touch using any of the following:

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  • Facebook logo
  • LinkedIn logo
  • logo

Alternatively, boring old email works too:

Thanks for reading — Kim